HighLoad Conference 2013

Today I was lucky to have attended the annual developers conference HighLoad++ 2013. This is the 7-th time. Some conference sessions are translated into English and available here: http://www.highload.co/freeonline/


Listeners heard many buzzwords like horizontal scalability, replication, sharding and NoSql. Despite that I missed the first day of the conference what I really liked was not just new trends in technology but invaluable speakers’ experience  on real projects with pros and cons, especially:

1.  “MySql versus something else” by Mark Callaghan [FaceBook] on storage efficiency, framework for analysis and benchmarking and database algorithms: https://www.facebook.com/MySQLatFacebook


2. “Cassandra vs In-Memory Data Grid in eCommerce” by Alexander Soloviev  [Grid Dynamics] was very informative on deep analysis and benchmarking against different cases and their pros and cons.

3. “Query Optimizer in MariaDB: now w/o indices” by Sergey Golubchik [Monty Program Ab]


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